lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Android XBMC

XBMC is the multimedia centres network known and used.
This is a program that allows all kinds of amendments, since it isOpen Source, so users always have much to say in its evolution.
And speaking evolutions of one of these is the development of a version for Android, highly in demand and expected.
Trial version is expected to reach Google Play the week coming.
Now the application's source code is now available for developers who are working on different interfaces and plug-ins, and that gradually will be offering free of charge their creations to all users.
What is known by now the program is that it offers compatibility with all types of media, from music videos, that skin (skin) that change may be the radical form interface, will be possible to play movies in HD, installing plugins and the ability to share content by network. In other words, the most interesting thing include versions for PC and Mac.
The Download of this free application can be Google Play shop or directly on the web page of XBMC. There is a Spanish community that translates the program and manages the project in our language, called XBMCSpain, from which insurance you can get the program at Spanish. Do not forget to try the software even in testing phase, it is much worth.

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