lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Android XBMC

XBMC is the multimedia centres network known and used.
This is a program that allows all kinds of amendments, since it isOpen Source, so users always have much to say in its evolution.
And speaking evolutions of one of these is the development of a version for Android, highly in demand and expected.
Trial version is expected to reach Google Play the week coming.
Now the application's source code is now available for developers who are working on different interfaces and plug-ins, and that gradually will be offering free of charge their creations to all users.
What is known by now the program is that it offers compatibility with all types of media, from music videos, that skin (skin) that change may be the radical form interface, will be possible to play movies in HD, installing plugins and the ability to share content by network. In other words, the most interesting thing include versions for PC and Mac.
The Download of this free application can be Google Play shop or directly on the web page of XBMC. There is a Spanish community that translates the program and manages the project in our language, called XBMCSpain, from which insurance you can get the program at Spanish. Do not forget to try the software even in testing phase, it is much worth.

Alex Android Amazing

In the Apple store can find you for a dollar but for Android can find you totally free.

The successor of Angry Birds , Rovio company, is now available in App Storeand Google Play for tablets and smartphones.

The new release has the name of Amazing Alex and consists in solving a series of puzzles based on an effect domino and created by Alex, a boy who is a fan of building things.
This was a group of new 100 initial levelsupdates . 

In addition, players can create their own stages and share them with your friends.

East is based on the game Casey's Contraptions, Snappy Touch and mystery Coconut-owned, and was purchased by the developers of Angry Birds.

The iPhone version of Amazing Alex will have a cost of $0.99 while iPad it will be worth nearly $3. As for Google, the game is free.

Android Ouya

The support of thousands of users across the network added $ 2.7 million (2.2 million euros) to help the company based in Los Angles Ouya to launch a free video game console based on Android, that any engineer can develop as support for new applications.

The company has used the crowfunding or micromecenazgo mass to achieve a minimum of $950,000 sum deemed necessary for the development of the project. In this way, already have far exceeded its goal. Collection has been developed through the web "Dorothy", dedicated to promote creative projects of all kinds.

The following package amounts to $225 (183 euros), which offer a console with two controllers with the recorded name. This option is also dead, as well as the next, $ 699 (570 euros), designed for developers, because it includes this SDK and support for the promotion of early video games.

$ 1,337 (1,122 Euros) is offered a bag of sweets, for $3,000 an invitation with the Fuseproject team and $10,000 a private dinner with the developers.

The first prototypes will be available in December of this year the kit of development (SDK) games, but until March 2013 no consoles are sent to other users.

Ouya imagine consoles "of high quality, with HD and surround sound", but based on an openoperating system adopted by multiple devices around the world, which significantly reduces costs and greatly expands the possibilities. Some specifications of this are: Tegra3, 1 GB of RAM, Quad 8 GB storage internom HDMI connection to the TV, resolution to 1080p, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, touchpad and Android 4.0

With this console opens a world of free games and low-cost, depending on the advertising that support it.
The donations made by the patrons of the game are meant to four aspects: finance the prototype for the first models, the kit that includes the SDK so that developers rationing new games, establish a business strategies and finance part of the development of the games.

Some games for Android

Aqui dejo les for all apacionado in the videosjuegos some emulators for Android.
Already penseste in playing Atari in your Android games? Now you have the opportunity to do so.


Android Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

In recent weeks, there have been many devices that have received their corresponding ration ofAndroid, the operating system from Google, passing much of advanced terminals to the latest edition 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, the last which is in force and that works, waiting for Google to do effective renewal to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at all levels.

Samsung just entering in the renewal of its operating system version. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, a tablet of just over seven inches who will soon be part of that ten percent of device that already work with the edition of the ice cream sandwich.

The company has already announced as official to the packet data will come through the famoussoftware KiesSamsung-backed and used in much of the updates that are carried out usually.On this occasion, the lovers of agility, accustomed to the data transmission via OTA(Over The Air) without cables from through, will be forced to connect yourSamsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to your computer in order to start the data transfer

If you don't have the software Kies, you will have to access the official Samsung website and start downloading from there same. The download is free and does not have too many complications.Download here: direct link to download Kies 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a tablet that boasts a screen Super AMOLED of 7.7 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixelsWith a dual core processor, operating at a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz, combined with a 1 GHz RAM memory

User memory reaches the 64 MB, potential that appeal to users who are always on top and more files of any kind. The camera has just three megapixel, useful for purely testimonial use. We should know, however, that the camera in question allows you to record video at 720 p and that thesecondary camera, located on the front of the appliance, leads to make video calls.

On the update of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 we can say that you expected that by mid- August, all tablets already work equipped with Android 4.0 

New game arrives at Android DEAD TRIGGER

MADFINGER Games released a new game for AndroidDead Triggerterminals. The title is an action game in first person with last generation for our smartphone graphics.

It is designed in an apocalyptic world where modern civilization has come to an end. The money has lost its value and the global economy has failed. People has revealed against the political ignorant that they have been filling their pockets with money.Suddenly, millions of people begin to die by a strange virus while others become strange beasts.

We will be in the skin of one of the few survivors who has not suffered the symptoms of the virus. To stay alive will have available a full arsenal of weapons to kill zombies. Depending on the weapon attack will vary, so will be able to annihilate the enemy in very different ways.

Dead Trigger has graphics and music in 3D and a series of effects designed for terminals supporting Tegra 3The developers promise more than 40 hours of play in total and very simple and intuitive touch controls. You will also need periodic free updates.

Video game Dead Trigger is available to 0.99 euros in Google Play for Androiddevices. On the occasion of the launch of the game, MADFINGER Games has lowered the price of two of their games, ShadowGun and Samurai II: Vengeance also EUR 0.99 for a limited time.

Firefox for Android Market

Mozilla introduced Firefox for Android, which is already available in Google PlayIt does not occur with many new features, but with significant improvements.

Faster application load and the navigation itself, thanks to a faster, more efficient rendering. Mozillahowever out of the beta phase to your application with this new version, and are sold as twice as fast as the series Android browser.

Also comes with a more HTML5support, Flash support, in addition to a redesign of the interface, both the home page and tabs.

Synchronization with the desktop, which is now more robust version one of the most interesting features of the browser remains through what they call "Awesome screen": we have on display the bookmarks, history, passwords and form data present in Firefox on your computer.

For users of Android tablets , soon will have new features, since Mozilla is working on a version adapted for these.